Fecon Forestry & Biomass Equipment

For over 20 years, Fecon has been a leading manufacturer of vegetation management and wood-to-energy equipment. They’ve built a long-standing reputation on durability, reliability and service across equipment lines, meeting the needs of valued customers in the construction, oil and gas, vegetation management, and environmental sectors.

Their forestry equipment line has expanded from our original, signature Bull Hog® masticating forestry mulcher head to what is today an extensive array of heavy-duty and severe-duty tractors and attachments. No matter if you’re in the market for a 600 hp forestry mulcher, or a Bull Hog for your skid steer or excavator, Fecon has the hard-working, dependable equipment you seek to give you a solid return on your investment.

Fecon Forestry & Biomass Equipment

Fecon Products We Carry

Bull Hog Excavator Attachments

Add versatility to your business with Bull Hog mulching attachments for excavators. The incredible performance and durability of the Bull Hog will lead you to excellent productivity, even in hard-to-reach places. Attached to an excavator, the Bull Hog forestry mulchers are perfect for clearing trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks, and places that could otherwise be difficult to reach.

Download Bull Hog Attachments Brochure

Bull Hog Attachment Working Width Overall Width Weight Min/Max Flow
 CEM36  36″  52″  1,200 lbs  17 gpm/30 gpm
BH047 EXC  37″  50″  2,085 lbs  24 gpm/45 gpm
 BH062 EXC  50″  63″  2,540 lbs  24 gpm/45 gpm
 BH074 EXC  61″  74″  2,850 lbs  24 gpm/45 gpm
 BH040 EXC  36″  51″  3,050 lbs 30 gpm/105 gpm
 BH080 EXC  56″  70″  4,000 lbs  30 gpm/105 gpm
 BH200 EXC  59″  77″  4,210 lbs  50 gpm/210 gpm
Fecon Bull Hog Excavator Mulching Attachments

Bull Hog Hydraulic Machine Attachments

Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are configured to provide the best combination of cutting tools, width, weight, and driveline options for operation on open-loop, load sense, or closed-loop hydraulic systems up to 600hp! Whether you prefer tracked or wheeled prime movers, big or small, to climb slopes, cross wetlands, or drive down paved roads, you can count on the proven reliability and performance of the Bull Hog.

Download Bull Hog Hydraulic Attachments Brochure

Bull Hog Attachments Working Width Overall Width Weight Min/Max Flow
 BH074 H 61″ 76″ 2,190 lbs 27 gpm/65 gpm
 BH085 H 72″ 87″ 2,970 lbs 27 gpm/65 gpm
 BH099 H 86″ 101″ 4,330 lbs 50 gpm/65 gpm
 BH120 H 86″ 100″ 5,100 lbs 50 gpm/100 gpm
 BH200 H 86″ 102″ 5,790 lbs 50 gpm/210 gpm
 BH230HXD 100″ 117″ 6,752 lbs
 BH300 H 89″ 109″ 7,710 lbs 80 gpm/210 gpm
Fecon Bull Hog Hydraulic Attachments

Bull Hog for Skid Steers

Fecon® offers a full line of hydraulic Bull Hog® mulchers for your skid steer. These mulchers are ideal for high flow skid steers to clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level. Quickly mulch standing trees 4-6″ in diameter (depending on horsepower) and intermittently process 6-8″ trees.

Download Bull Hog for Skid Steers Brochure

Bull Hog Attachments Working Width Overall Width Weight Min/Max Flow
 BH062 SS 50″ 63″ 2,050 lbs 24 gpm/45 gpm
 BH074 SS 61″ 74″ 2,425 lbs 24 gpm/45 gpm
 BH085 SS 72″ 85″ 2,580 lbs 24 gpm/-
 BH074 SD 61″ 76″ 2,750 lbs 24 gpm/65 gpm
 BH085 SD 72″ 85″ 3,050 lbs 24 gpm/65 gpm
Fecon Bull Hot Skid Steer Attachments

Bull Hog for PTO Machines

Fecon offers a full line of PTO Bull Hog mulchers for your tractor. PTO driven mulchers will mount to agriculture tractors from 80-440HP. Whether operating on a wheeled tractor for faster travel speeds, versatility, and the ability to cross roads, or on track machines for lower ground pressure and better handling on steeper terrain, a PTO Bull Hog delivers results.

Download Bull Hog for PTO Brochure

Bull Hog Attachments Working/Overall Width Weight Speed/HP HP Shaft Diameter Spline
 BH074 61″/74″ 2,690 lbs 540/80-90 1 3/8″ Z6
 BH085 72″/85″ 2,970 lbs 540/80-90 1 3/8″ Z6
 BH099 86″/101″ 4,330 lbs -/90-140 1 3/8″ Z21
 BH120 86″/100″ 4,900 lbs 1000/90-140 1 3/4″ Z6
BH200* 85″/102″ 5,930 lbs 1000/140-450 1 3/4″ Z20
BH300* 89″/109″ 7,850 lbs 1000/200-450 1 3/4″ Z20
BH350* 89″/110″ 8,200 lbs 1000-1325/200-450 1 3/8″ Z6
Fecon Bull Hog for PTO

Bull Hog Tools & Roters

Maximize uptime and productivity across different jobsite conditions with Fecon’s innovative and aggressive FGT, HDT, and DCR Rotor systems—configured for your needs!

FGT and HDT rotors are available in all Bull Hog® models and use the same proven bolt-on stub shafts and bearing systems for long-lasting durability. Fecon offers a variety of tool options to tailor both systems for maximum results in changing conditions. Additionally, the Depth Control Rotor (DCR) system brings a new level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and efficiently directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production. Our DCR cuts faster, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size. We will help you configure a Bull Hog Rotor, and see the advantages it can deliver to your job site and your productivity.

  • FGT | Drum style rotor and tool system
  • HDT | Traditional style rotor and tool system
  • DCR | Depth Controlled Rotor and Tool System
Fecon Bull Hog Tools & Rotors

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